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Gene Stratton-Porter

1205 Pleasant Pointe, Rome City, IN 46784
Free to the Public
Through October 2022

This project was made possible in part by Arts United and PNC Bank.
Many thanks to the generous Amplify Art donors who also supported this project. 
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Artwork and Poetry & Prose by GSP
Please enjoy the watercolor illustrations created by artist Rebecca Stockert and corresponding poetry and prose by Gene Stratton-Porter that inspired each work. This project began in 2017 with an Arts in the Parks grant provided by the Indiana Arts Commission and has been ongoing ever since. 

The Outdoor Art Exhibit was made possible by Arts United, PNC Bank, and generous donors through an Amplify Art crowdsourcing fund. Artwork will be on display at the Gene Stratton-Porter Historic Site in Rome City, IN, through October 2022. The pieces (reproductions on an outdoor substrate-much like an aluminum road sign) will become property of the Historic Site. 
Luna Moth

Outdoor Art Exhibit 
at Gene Stratton-Porter Historic Site

Luna Moth by Rebecca Stockert

Inspired by Gene Stratton-Porter’s poem:“The Orchard Moth”

When the sun has gone to rest,

And the moon rears her shining crest,

The night moth courts the orchard glade,

To the screech owl’s wavering serenade.

Finch Color Scheme 72 dpi.jpg

The Finch Color Scheme by Rebecca Stockert

Inspired by Gene Stratton-Porter’s poem:“The The Finch Color Scheme”

Gold was the grape bloom, green the spray,

Nest and builder brownish gray,

Eggs and flowers pearly hue,

Master Musician indigo blue. 

GSP Portrait 72 dpi.jpg

Gene Stratton-Porter by Rebecca Stockert

Inspired by Gene Stratton-Porter’s book Moths of the Limberlost

Published in 1916 by Doubleday, Page & Co.


“The caterpillar transforms to the moth without its consent, the matter in one upbuilding the other. The entire process is utterly devoid of sentiment, attachment or volition on the part of the creatures involved. They work out a law as inevitable as that which swings suns, moons, and planets in their courses. They are the most fragile and beautiful result of a natural law with which I am acquainted.”

-Page 77

nature mandala web.jpg
GSP Crow web.jpg
Cardinal 72 dpi.jpg

Top left-to-right: Nature Mandala, Crow, and Cardinal by Rebecca Stockert

Bottom left-to-right: Owl and Skunk by Rebecca Stockert

Inspired by Gene Stratton-Porter’s poem:“A Limberlost Invitation”

Come where the chewink chewunketh,    

Come where the wild grapevines swing;

Come where the craw-dads are crawling    

Over the bed of our spring.

Come where the sun in red glory    

Tops Kestler’s tamaracks gray,

Come where the black bass are leaving    

And the redwings are calling all day.

Come where the rattlesnake rattles    

While the kingfisher rattles also.

Come where the horned owl is hooting    

And it rains at the call of a crow.

Come where the harebell is ringing    

While the bluebell its worship call tolls;

Come where the vireo preaches,    

And the Hermit his vesper song rolls.

Come where the polecat’s perfuming    

Mingles with flower-scented air,

Come to our swamp in its glory,    

Its joys we invite you to share.

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